Oct 26, 2018

We already have a Lean Team


Edited: Oct 26, 2018

Lean has become extremely popular these days. Just type the word Lean in your favourite web browser. You'll uncover an almost infinite reservoir of resources available to you. Knowledge is power. That said, it leaves you with the challenge of figuring out where to start and how much to apply. This is where a seasoned Lean Practitioner with cross-industry experience becomes invaluable. They can guide your journey so that your improvement efforts yield the best return on your investment. Said simply, breadth coupled with depth is a recipe for success. So, if you have an in-house Lean Team, you've made a positive decision for your company. Maximize their efforts with the support of a Lean Practitioner.

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  • At BP, we possess a wide variety of skills and approaches so we can tailor a solution to your process improvement needs. This ranges from the development of entire operational excellence programs to the execution of specific improvements. Some of our clients are looking for execution bandwidth or to solve a complex process problem for which they need an expert Lean Six Sigma facilitator. In those cases, we can come in and lead workshops or projects to accomplish the business improvement objective. Others, particularly those who may have existing process expertise internally, may choose to work with us in a coaching program. This is a more do-it-yourself approach where we guide the internal process leaders, and provide training, mentorship and hands on demonstrations to accelerate the quality and speed of results. Yet others would like us to work in an integrated fashion with their department, acting as a senior member of the team, providing both bandwidth and expertise in an open ended manner. Our flexibile skills allows us to meet the needs of a variety of our customers in the way that suits their current maturity best.
  • Simply put, we help organizations strengthen their business processes. Why is that important? Companies make money by delivering value to their customers in the form of products and services. Value flows through a company's business processes. Therefore, improving the flow of value through those business processes is a key strategy for making money. As Lean Practitioners, we immerse ourselves in the study of business processes across companies of all sizes and from all industries. We become a storehouse of best practices for process improvement in general. Thus, our principle value to customers in the delivering best practices in the area of process improvement.
  • Here are the wide range of industries and disciplines that Building Perspective has worked in over the past decade, to name a few Healthcare Manufacturing Information Technology Supply Chain and Logistics Warehousing Start-Up Companies Research and Development Telecom Cannabis ... Strong Lean practitioners are first and foremost able to take problems in various industries and re-interpret them into a process based model. This allows us to use standardized solutions to solve problems that otherwise seem unsolvable. In doing so, you can leverage age old wisdom to solve the organizational issues you face today. So, industry is not a barrier to the proper implementation of Lean principles!