Oct 19, 2018

Coaching is the glue that binds us


Edited: Oct 19, 2018

I've been working on my personal fitness goals for many, many years now. I've tried diets, home workout programs, and gym memberships. Nothing has really given me remarkable results. It's not that these programs don't work. I know they work for some people. It's just that they haven't worked for me. I run multiple businesses, am renovating my home, and have an active social life. My willpower often gets stretched thin. All that said, I still want to realize my fitness goals. So in February of this year I decided I needed a different approach. I hired a personal trainer. Fast forward to now. Eight months have passed and I realize this was the best decision I ever made in this area of my life. I also realized the subtle value of having a coach. A good coach is like the mortar in a brick wall. While we tend to look at the bricks, it's the mortar that keeps it all together. That's what my coach does. She keeps my fitness together, even when I lack the will to do so! Take a hard look at your life and your businesses. In what areas do you want success more than anything else? THIS is where you need a coach. Heck, I'm a coach and even I have one!

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  • Companies deliver value to their customers through a myriad of interconnected processes. In order to serve our customers better, we need to keep improving our processes. Unfortunately, not all areas of our business have the same aptitude for change. Some parts evolve easily, while others resist even the smallest improvement. In other words, every area of a business has an inherent aptitude for change . I called this aptitude Process Fitness . How do you elevate process fitness? The short answer is, practice. Find yourself a coach, and start the journey of practice. There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
  • Whenever someone gives me their heartfelt advice, the first thing I ask is if they've tried it for themselves. If the answer is some flavour of no, then I know it's not advice. It's just gossip. It's something they heard about and thought sounded cool and progressive. Never having applied their own advice, they're so ready to give it away. I call this kind of knowledge gossip , and these types of people gossipers . There is an insane amount of Lean Gossip floating around. People just throwing around tips, templates, and jargon like cheap confetti. Lean principles were discovered and refined by great women and men who were Authentic Practitioners . They were grounded in the fundamentals and thoughtful in their application. The next time you receive advice about Lean, take a hard look at the person advising you. Do their words carry weight? Do their titles bear true knowledge? Are they Authentic Practitioners?
  • Business leaders frequently find themselves at critical crossroads where decisions need to be made in order for the company to move forward. Should we invest in that new IT system? Should we purchase additional capacity to meet future demand? Should we open up another business unit in a new geography? Making the right decisions at these critical junctures can move a company light years ahead of it's competition. Wrong ones can be painfully costly and demoralizing. With the magnitude of these decisions weighing down on you, it sometimes feels better to postpone them altogether. Keep in mind though, not making a decision has an impact as well. Strategic decisions live within a window of time, after which, everything changes. In other words. inaction matters. Think thoroughly, and act swiftly . It's part of being a good leader.