Oct 16, 2018

How does LSS work for professional service companies?


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I've spent some time learning the LSS body of knowledge and can clearly see its benefits when it comes to manufacturing and types of businesses producing the same widgets multiple times. Where I struggle is finding a way to apply the body of knowledge to the professional service industry where the widgets being produced are different every time. What are some things I could be looking for that would signal us to think we could apply tools from LSS? What are some tools that could be applied? A couple examples would be appreciated!


Thank you!

Oct 17, 2018Edited: Oct 18, 2018

Another great question. Service companies delight their customers by being able to customize their service offering in almost infinite ways. How can such a business be optimized? Let me give you an example. Think of a Lego set. Back in the old days, Lego sets had a very limited number of unique parts. These days, the number of unique parts is almost endless. It's this variety that makes them interesting to kids I imagine. That said, if you look closely, there are only a few design features in Lego that have stood the test of time. The basic ways that the pieces are connected to each is one such design feature. This design feature is a gold standard for Lego sets. Similarly, every service company can be broken down to fundamental service technologies. When these service technologies are identified and standardized, it gives room for creativity and innovation. Basically, standardization is what makes customization sustainable.

Oct 18, 2018

Hi Desi,


Thanks for the great answer! I really like the last sentence you wrote. "Standardization is what makes customization sustainable." These are the opportunities I will be looking for :)

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