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Image by Lukas Blazek

MIST - A Lean Business Operating System

Sunset Sailboats


Imagine for a moment that you are the captain of a ship. You and your crew are ready to set sail to a destination of your choice. Where will you go and how will you get there? You could just pick a destination from the top of your head and boldly set sail with hope in your eyes and the wind in your hair. As charming as that sounds, such spontaneity could lead to disaster. Let’s consider a different approach.

The first order of business would be to get good at staying afloat, since a sinking ship is no fun. Next, you’ll want to gather known information about what’s out there and assess how well your ship will fare in those waters. This will give you the best chances of picking a suitable destination for the journey. Finally, you need to let the crew know. As this is a journey into new waters, you may need to make major changes to the ship and its best practices.

Organizations are like ships headed out into strange new waters. They face similar challenges. Some questions to ask yourself about your organization are:

  •   Is my organization operationally sinking?

  •   Do we have a Continuous Improvement program for employees?

  •   Do we study the market and how well we fit?

  •   Do we cascade strategy down to every level of the organization?


If you are a senior leader in your organization, you are like the captain of the ship. You are leading your organization into a future state. Welcome to MIST - A Business Operating System that can help you steer to success, and refresh your organization for the journey ahead.​


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