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Operational Speed Test

Are you a NEW CLIENT in the

Greater Toronto Area?

We are interested in showing you what we do, not telling you with fancy marketing. Let us conduct an Operational Speed Test at your facility, and show you the next critical steps to excellence. 

Location ........................    Onsite

     Pricing   .........................    $ 10,000 

                                               $   2,000

(Available within GTA only)


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You tell us what you do, and we’ll look closely at how you do it. We’ll talk to your people and dive into every process and system being used to get the work done and out the door.


Our mission is to find anything and everything that’s slowing you down. We’ve seen the best and the worst and every flavour in between. We’ll tell you where you stand.


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We’re not going to give you a slide deck that’s a mile long. You’ll get a visual report card that tells you exactly three things about your business:


  • How are the important things getting done today?

  • What are the major things slowing the flow of work?

  • What can we do to speed things up?

That’s it. Nothing more and definitely nothing less. It’s an objective look at your operations from experts in process re-engineering.  


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To be totally honest, we’re process-obsessed! It’s what we do every day, and we do it because it’s fun. We’ve gotten pretty good at it too. Over a hundred happy customers in every kind of industry and we’re still going strong. Unravelling and streamlining products, people, and technology isn’t for everyone. It’s detailed, meticulous work that requires a firm hand with a soft touch. But it’s where we belong. Let us do what we do best, so that you can do the same.