A Tribute

February 7, 2018

This is my very first blog post. A bit late to the game I suppose. Lean has been my obsession for the better part of my adult life. Marinated in its practice, I’m only now feeling the urge to share some odd bits on a wider scale. Interestingly, rather than pearls of wisdom, the first message that comes bubbling to the surface is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for a Sensei (teacher) that changed my life. His name is Timothy Hammers and he was a giant among Lean practitioners. I had the incredible privilege of being his student. As I look back to those years, it’s clear to me the full extent of his contribution to my life. I dare say all my professional successes afterwards were made possible because of the few years I spent with Tim. I am immensely grateful. And so, my very first blog is to say thank you to Timothy Hammers, the teacher that set my Lean journey in the right direction.



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