Our consultants are all trained in a wide variety of Lean Six Sigma, Strategy and Advanced Facilitation skillsets, and have years of business experience in various industries. They bring both depth and breadth to the conversation rather than endless powerpoint presentations repeating what you know. Our team enables you to harness the collective genius of your organization so you can move confidently towards your breakthrough goals.

Vani Pasupathy has wide and deep experience in process and business transformation, and a track record of creating energized organizations that deliver high value to their customers. Vani has held progressively senior positions in process, operational and quality roles over the last 15+ years. She is a seasoned Lean practitioner and Six Sigma blackbelt who has led business transformations in IT, healthcare, utilities, research & development, and manufacturing environments, ranging from fast-paced start-ups to multinational organizations. Vani has a talent for creating balance and operational rhythm out of the chaos of everyday fire fighting and rapid growth. 

Restorer of Balance, Managing Partner, Practitioner


Desi Narayanan is an entrepreneur and recognized leader in the field of Structured Continuous Improvement. He finds and grows early stage companies through a disciplined process of commercialization. He has also facilitated organizational transformations across a wide range of industries that include energy production, manufacturing, healthcare, and research & development over the last 20+ years. His deep practice of Lean Six Sigma has allowed him to innovate new frameworks within the body of knowledge. Desi regularly makes business magic by bringing together great ideas, thoughtful people, and powerful execution to create opportunities for all. 

Magic Maker, Founder, Practitioner