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MIST - A Lean Business Operating System

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MIST - A Lean Business Operating System 

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Are you a small business that has processes full of paperwork, wasted time, and errors? Technology adoptions that did not yield returns? Goals that are repeatedly set year over year, but unsuccessfully completed?

If you are a senior leader in your organization, you are like the captain of a ship. How do you navigate, and where are you going? How do you stay afloat? Maybe you need MIST to overhaul ship operations and refresh your crew!

MIST is our trademark business operating system. It draws from the body of knowledge known as Lean Six Sigma and the 20+ years of transformation experience of our founder. The MIST framework fundamentally changes how your business operates so you can create strategic traction, a learning organization, and breakthrough improvements in performance. Contact us about our specially designed program to implement MIST for small to medium businesses. 

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