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 Funding to Work With Us 

Our clients regularly hire us through government grant programs to help subsidize the costs of hiring a consultant. This allows you to grow your business with the help of our many years of experience. Some of the most popular grant programs that apply to our line of work are below. If you want help with applying, reach out to us by email, and we will connect you to a grant writing expert in our network who can ensure a hassle free application process to put money in your hands. 


Government Grants 

Digital Artist


The Canada Digital Adoption Plan is a grant for small to medium Canadian enterprises seeking advise on adopting digital technologies into their business. It covers 90% of your consulting fees upto $15K. Our CDAP approved advisors work with you to assess your current business and processes, provide recommendations of which technologies will give you the best returns, and assess costs and timelines for implementation. Apply for the grant at the CDAP portal and book a call with us so we can tell you more about our unique approach. 

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The Canada Job Grant covers third party training costs for small and large Canadian businesses looking to improve the skills of their workforce. Training on technical and soft skills are both eligible. The grant covers from 50% - 83% of training costs upto a maximum of $10K/employee (funding details may be different by province). Building Perspective is a certified provider and trains in person and virtually on topics such as Lean Six Sigma, Leadership, Strategy, Operational Fundamentals and more. To learn about the grant in Ontario, visit the COJG website  and reach out to us to create a custom training plan for your organization.