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The best things in life are free. 

 Free Resources 

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Factory Assessment

Are you a manufacturer in the Greater Toronto Area? We are offering free on-site assessments of your factory and warehouse. You will meet with Desi Narayanan, founder, operational expert with over 25 years of experience, with a track record of successful business commercializations. Meet the guy we call "magic maker" and see what a new perspective on your operations can do for your business. 


Free Seminar

Interested in a one hour seminar on digital adoption, strategy deployment, or Lean Six Sigma? We offer a free 1 hour seminar to new clients so they can dip their toes into the vast body of Lean knowledge.

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Ghetto ERP

Are you a small company that does everything manually and it’s operationally chaotic? You wish you had enough money for a full ERP system but you don't? We can help you intelligently digitize your processes using the free tools you already own. Hire us for a ghetto ERP implementation at a fraction of the cost, and we'll leave you with a free system solution that actually works. 

 Training Tips 

Tip #001

Key Players

Tip #004

Slice of Pie

Tip #007

Strategy vs Daily Management

Tip #010

Push vs Pull

Tip #002

Conversational Techniques

Tip #005

Governanace Meetings

Tip #008

Value Streams

Tip #011


Tip #003

Pareto and Histogram

Tip #006


Tip #009

Fisbhone Diagram

Tip #012

8 Wastes

 Free Services 

 Free Resources 

 Free Services 

 Free Services 

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