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Case Study

Strategic planning



We gain access into the virtual world through a multitude of telecommunication devices. Your computer, television, and mobile phone are a few examples from your everyday life. All these devices are equipped with some type of display through which we interact. Our experience of the device can be greatly enhanced or limited by the display technology being used. Technological breakthroughs in display technology can enable dramatic shifts in product design and consumer experience. Every type of device has different display requirements. A mobile device, for example, will certainly have different display requirements than a television. The challenge and opportunity for a display technology company is in designing a display with characteristics that give a particular device a competitive edge. Our client is a leader in display technology innovation. Their staff composed of scientists, engineers, and technicians experiment with the latest materials, process, and equipment with the end goal of creating breakthroughs in display technology.


✓ Strategic Planning crystallized the vision for the leadership team and helped create action plans at all levels of the organization.

✓ Costly “trial-and-error” experimentation was replaced with an effective “Design of Experiment (DOE)” methodology.

✓ Unproductive team meetings were made into productive hours of collaboration.


Collectively, the company gained a clearer picture of their future empowered by a more robust means of getting there.


The senior leadership recognized that they needed to harness the collective genius of their organization in order to create innovation in the timescale dictated by the market.

Strategy Deployment - Strategic gaps in the organization were resolved.

Training - Tactical gaps within the technical community were addressed through a targeted program that included such topics as “Design of Experiments” and “Statistical Analysis”

Facilitative Leadership - Cultural gaps were overcome through the relentless development of in-house facilitators in a fun and engaging manner

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