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Image by Lukas Blazek

Case Study

Lean Six Sigma Consulting Toronto



"Shortly after we implemented our new billing system, our business went into chaos. Bills were being delivered months late to our customers. Property managers were complaining and taking their business elsewhere. As a result, our revenues had fallen, and employees were overworked and discouraged."



"By the end of the first year of our Lean Six Sigma transformation, we had turned around our situation completely. These were just some of our results:

✓ BBB rating improved from C- to A+

✓ EBITDA grown by over 60%

✓ Tenant bills issued 95% on time

✓ Cheques processed 66% faster


Our old process to install sub-meters and begin billing used to be 3 months late on average, but now we were consistently on time. Our property managers were indicating that they would now be willing to recommend us to others! Employee culture transformed as well as crossfunctional workshops flourished and departmental silos fell. The new culture embodied a steady operational rhythm and an engaged workforce that believed in the future of the company."


"We started our journey by first finding the Lean Six Sigma consulting guide. We needed someone who knew organizational transformation inside out, and was willing to share critical insights in a practical and personable way. We learned the most efficient path to organizational transformation includes the following three ingredients:

Strategy Deployment: A structured approach to aligning each level of the organization towards a common vision

➢ Value Stream Mapping: A structured approach to identifying the key operational improvements necessary to delivery on the company’s strategy

Workshops: Targeted process improvements that impact Quality, Delivery, and Cost


All this activity was supported by a Lean Training & Awareness Program, and a Corrective Action Request process to allow employees to engage in identifying and solving everyday quality gaps."

- Internal staffer

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