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Case Study

Image by Elly Brian



Our client, AMD, had wanted to create a Quality presence in the organization by rolling out a Quality Policy and Quality website for years. However, creating a message that resonated with the entire executive team, and creating a world class website worthy of the global giant, was proving to be a problem. As they embarked on ISO certification for the organization, having a quality policy that reflected the quality directives of management became a requirement of certification, and no longer just a "nice-to-have".


The AMD Quality team engaged Building Perspective Inc to create a quality policy for their organization and define content and framework for their quality website. At the end of the effort, the organization had:

✓ A quality policy and CEO message that reflected the views of 23 AMD executives across sales, the business units, design and manufacturing. The policy was also in alignment with the ISO 9001:2015 to support ongoing certification efforts at AMD

✓ Five quality principles to align future efforts around quality improvement

✓ A quality logo and a quality tagline that the organization could stand behind

✓ A website design, and all the wording, images, and content for their first launch, delivered on an aggressive timeline.


The internal quality team felt a deep sense of pride that the organization recognized the importance of their work, and that they had a world class website to demonstrate AMD's commitment to quality to their end customers.


➢ Voice of the Customer Analysis - Interviews conducted across the entire AMD leadership from end-end were analyzed to reveal affinities and prevalence in themes, perspectives, quality messaging, and wording. These were used to craft a holistic vision that resonates, while engaging the senior staff in an authentic way.

➢ Workshops - Advanced facilitation and brainstorming techniques were critical in developing a tagline that could be agreed upon between Marketing and Quality teams.

➢ Project Management - Tools and visuals were introduced to manage the project to completion on aggressive timelines.

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