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Image by Lukas Blazek

Case Study




Our east coast client operates a business baking custom breads and sandwiches. They were struggling with an awkward physical layout, not enough space for storage, and poor flow through their custom deli area. To make matters worse, their aging computer systems were creating a business risk as they housed critical, hard to extract information. The employees had done it the same way for so long that it was hard to get enthusiastic support for change.



  • Reduced the risk of  production downtime

  • Doubled the capacity of labeling station

  • Created a 150 sqft warehouse

  • Improved operator flow and movements in prep area

  • Reduced risk of food spoilage and health and safety risk for customers

  • Increased profits by adding a new customer for which capacity would previously not have been possible


  • Workshop: An onsite one day workshop followed by 12 week coaching program was conducted. A waste analysis of their process led to a solid action plan that the team could feel excited about.

  • 5S: The team learnt the principle of creating physical order throughout their facility and applied it diligently to their coolers, prep areas, and workstations. This allowed for a sustainable increase in space and improved operator flow significantly.

  • Upgrading systems and equipment: Their legacy system contained valuable labeling information that could not be retrieved. Further, the system was aging and posed a production risk if it went down. Correctly selected and implemented software allowed stabilization and capcity increase of a critical production cell. 

  • Visual Management: The team applied visual management principles to both purchasing activities and collection of continuous improvement ideas. A simple, properly designed whiteboard served as hub for needs and ideas from the team. This created a cultural shift, engaging the employees into caring about their processes as much as their product.

The new capacity allowed them to accept a new customer that they never would have thought they could manage before their Lean workshop. Congratulations on a job well done!

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